I never get the whole “I don’t wanna look good for you, I wanna look good for me" thing. Like how does that even work? You don’t need to impress yourself. I mean, if it weren’t for other people seeing me, I wouldn’t give a shit what I looked like. I wouldn’t do my hair or anything and just wear my pajamas all day. I don’t have to look at myself, what would I care?


Do you really believe the personal attacks on Quinn are really about "gaming journalism integrity"? Doesn't it feel to you like they are crucifying a woman for having sex with many people? (I know she was cheating on her boyfriend, which I think is an awful thing to do, but nonetheless a part of one's PRIVATE affairs) Do you really think that Anita is being attacked and threatened because she's wrong about video games? It's clear that the majority of attacks are rooted in misogyny.


I have already said, mupltiple times in the past, even saying that I’ve already said it multiple times multiple times, that yes they do get sexist attacks and their gender does elevate things out of proportion. And that I don’t support baseless or downright unpleasant and dumb attacks at all. Stop trying to pretend that not supporting Anita or Quinn means that I believe what you say I believe.

But that does not erase their own fuckups. I’ve never criticized Quinn just for having sex. Nor have I talked shit about Anita for being a woman. There are plenty of other things to say about those two.

People keep derailing the conversation to be about this when I talk about the topic. Two wrongs don’t make a right, stop pretending that their victim status should make them immune to criticism by putting the focus on that even if we only talk about the valid criticism. I’ve had to say the bolded part at least 10 times already.


"people censoring themselves worries me" oh my god thats kinda obnoxious of that other anon... the anon can go around offending people all day but when other people dont want to they get upset? its that "tumblr is so easily offended! haha!" mentality thats really gross of that anon


I get what you’re saying, but I don’t think he or she was upset about it, I bet they just didn’t want it to affect my humor, which it hasn’t. 

Fuck it, that was me. And yeah, it worries me because people can get eerily close to 1984 levels of Newspeak on here. It’s one thing to refrain from using words that are obviously offensive, but to tell someone to not use a word because it might possibly be offensive is a little ridiculous. I’m assuming Naldo deleted the post because I didn’t see it, but I’m go out on a limb and also assume that he wasn’t making fun of disabled people, right?

And where do we draw the line? I’ve seen plenty of people say we shouldn’t use words like stupid, crazy, or even bad because they’re “problematic”.

Granted, I might have jumped the gun a bit here. It wasn’t a big deal in this case and I know people mean well. But I’ve seen this happen so many times, and it’s just like, really?

(For the record, I do not go around offending people all day. At least not intentionally. But yes, a lot of people on Tumblr are easily offended, so I’m sure I’m ticked someone off at some point.)